Education & Training


Terry has earned a reputation for being a national innovator in education and training systems development. He is an accomplished adult educator with significant instructional and administrative experience. He has assisted clients to improve efficiencies through partnerships, develop standards-based curriculum, and design many effective training programs & learning resources.   A few examples include:


  1. Link BC: the Tourism & Hospitality Education Network: Organization conception, program development and administration: network of 23 post-secondary institutions.


  1. Campus Strategic Planning and Tourism Programs Reviews: Facilitation of college/university program strengthening projects (three institutions).


  1. Canadian Tourism Learning System Framework: Policy and concept development linking sector-wide academic and industry credentials.


  1. Learning Resources—Student Workbooks and Instructor Guides:Project management content developments and design for:
    1. Introduction to Tourism—instructor’s handbook
    2. The Adventure Tourism Series—three workbooks
    3. Risk Management for Outdoor Programs—three workbooks
    4. Indigenous Tourism Business Development Guide—workbook
    5. Tourism Supervisory Development Program—seven instructor guides

Click here for a list of clients and partners, and details of 29 education & training projects and experiences.

“Terry has been central to the development of BC’s excellent tourism & hospitality programs, providing a quarter century of quality leadership, project management, curriculum development, and enthusiastic support to post-secondary educators, agencies, and industry alike. Terry’s leadership skills and dynamic approach is a key reason that British Columbia is now on the leading edge in tourism education.”

- Dr. B. White, Royal Roads University