Aboriginal Community Experience

1. ABORIGINAL TOURISM CERTIFICATE PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Coordinated program partnership and curriculum development project for community and university stakeholders. Produced Program Outline and Coordinator’s Guide for Lillooet, community based program. With Aboriginal Tourism Solutions and for Ucwalmicw Centre Society and Thompson Rivers University.

2. INDIGENOUS CULTURAL/HERITAGE TOURISM TRAINING DEVELOPMENT: BELIZE: Designed training workshop components and Trainer’s Guide for a cultural/heritage tourism needs assessment and business development project (Belize Sustainable Tourism Management Programme). A project undertaken in collaboration with the Garafuna, Mayan and Criole indigenous communities. With Small Planet Consulting and Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC.

3. COASTAL CORRIDOR CONSORTIUM—ABORIGINAL SERVICE PLAN: Now serving as Projects Manager for this network. Previous role: Facilitated strategic planning and coordinated development of multi-year project reports/proposals for this consortium of communities and post-secondary institutions. For Tsleil-waututh, Musqueum, Sechelt, Lil’Wat and Squamish First Nations, Metis Nation BC, Capilano University, Vancouver Community College and Native Education College, with S. White

4. TRANSFORMING ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES THROUGH TOURISM WORKSHOP: Designed and delivered presentation to Great Spirit Circle Trail, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, with C. Chapman.

5. BC ABORIGINAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING STRATEGY: Served as active advisor to the task force that developed this provincial planning framework. For Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC (AtBC)

6. BC ABORIGINAL TOURISM EDUCATION & TRAINING PROGRAM HANDBOOK AND DELIVERY GUIDELINES: Conceptualized and developed this provincial resource with input from AtBC and 9 colleges/universities. For Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC, LinkBC network and the Ministry of Advanced Education.

7. TRANSFORMING ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES THROUGH TOURISM WORKSHOP: Designed learning activities for this community development program. Co-facilitated 2-day interactive workshop for 12 BC communities. For Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC, with S. White and C. Chapman.

8. ABORIGINAL TOURISM EDUCATION RESEARCH (1992-2005) REPORT: Coordinated all components of research project, managed sub-contractor, compiled report and presented highlights and recommendations for client. For Aboriginal Training Adjustment Committee, Spo7ez Cultural Society.

9. ABORIGINAL CULTURAL/ECO-TOURISM FIELD SCHOOL: Developed comprehensive program outline, scheduled instructors and created learning activities for this week-long field-based program. For Native Education College with Penelekut First Nation.

10. CROSS-CULTURAL CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAM BUSINESS PLAN: Co-coordinated community consultations and business feasibility analysis for a small Peace River First Nations community. For Doig River First Nation, with Small Planet Consulting.

11. UCLUELET FIRST NATION TOURISM ACTION PLAN: Co-managed strategic planning process and development of community tourism strategy. For Ucluelet First Nation, with S. White.

12. ABORIGINAL TOURISM OPERATIONS PROGRAM REVIEW: Coordinated internal review process for strengthening this program, led stakeholder consultations and developed recommendations and plan for administrative team. For Native Education Centre (now College).

13. ABORIGINAL TOURISM PLANNING: ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS WORKSHOP: Designed and co-delivered (with S. White). For Department of Indian and Northern Affairs and Cariboo Tribal Council.

14. ABORIGINAL TOURISM BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GUIDE: Managed content development and coordinated production process, while also serving as co-writer/editor, for editions 1 and 2 of this national learning resource. For Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada and the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, with S. White.

15. BC ABORIGINAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING FRAMEWORK: Developed concept and planning framework for a more coordinated approach to curriculum and delivery for Aboriginal tourism training. For Ministry of Advanced Education and Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC.

16. ABORIGINAL ADAPTATION OF THE NATIONAL HERITAGE INTERPRETER OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS: Created project proposal terms of reference. For the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.

17. ABORIGINAL TOURISM EDUCATION AND TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS: Contracted to facilitate the terms of reference for this policy development project. For the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.

18. ABORIGINAL TOURISM MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: Contributed content and operations expertise as member of program advisory committee. For Native Education Centre (now College).

19. FIRSTHOST ABORIGINAL HOSPITALITY SERVICE PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Served as member of project steering committee and provided input into learning outcomes, workshop activities etc. For Native Education Centre (now College).

20. SECHELT FIRST NATIONS EDUCATION NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Managed research, community consultations, and analysis leading a report to Council. Presented findings and recommendations to Band administrative team. For Sechelt First Nation

21. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S EDUCATION: Planned and coordinated program development, logistics and all marketing strategies for this international event. For the Canadian host: First Nations House of Learning, University of British Columbia.

22. BC NATIVE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT CONFERENCE: Served as conference manager for all program and logistical aspects of this province-wide event. For BC Aboriginal Employment Agencies.

23. CANADIAN INDIAN TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS CONFERENCE: Coordinated program development, secured national participants, managed logistics and developed marketing tactics for this highly successful national event. For the Canadian host: the University of British Columbia.

24. NATIVE INDIAN TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM: Served as coordinator for seven years: Managed all aspects of student engagement & support, administered all instructional components, delivered instructional methodology courses for the North Vancouver and on-campus centres of the program. For University of British Columbia (recognized as an Honorary UBC NITEP Graduate).

25. COLLEGE ACHIEVEMENT AND SUPPORT PROGRAM (FOR NATIVE STUDENTS): Developed organizational structure for, and then administered all instructional and support components of this program—in partnership with communities and college. Increased number of First Nations students on campus from less than 20 to almost 200 in three years. For Capilano College, Squamish, Tsleil’waututh, Lil’Wat, Sechelt and Anderson Lake First Nations.

26. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION (FIRST NATION APPLICATIONS): Co-designed and instructed undergraduate course in Mt. Currie. For Simon Fraser University and Lil’wat First Nation.

27. USTLA’HAHN ALTERNATE SCHOOL: Served as program developer and head teacher for North Vancouver’s first alternate school for native youth, developed in partnership with community and school district. Developed facilities, curriculum & alternate approaches to encourage student success, managed staff & operations, and provided student support. For Squamish First Nation and the North Vancouver School District.

28. SOCIO-ECONOMIC SURVEY OF BC NON-STATUS ABORIGINALS: Served as project coordinator for all aspects of this multi-week BC-wide fieldwork and research project. Managed all logistics, supervised team of student researchers, liaised with regional Metis communities, administered budget. For United Native Nations, (former) BC Association of Non-Status Indians.